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Township Board

Tina Papineau

Kimberly Diefenbach

Sue Lowney

Carol English

Brian Hazen

Planning Commission

Matt Jonik

Carl Morris

Mike Couch

Susan Lowney

Zoning Board of Appeals

Katie Lambert

Carol English

Matt Jonik

Bill Peters

Jim Novak Jr.

Zoning Administrator


Tax Information

2020 Winter taxes are payable December 1, 2020 thru February 16, 2021 without penalty. All taxes paid after February 16, 2021 will be charged a 3% penalty and 1% interest until March 1, 2021. On March 2, 2021 taxes are delinquent and must be paid at the Lapeer County Treasurer’s office.

Payment Options

At the Township office, accepted payment methods are cash, check or money order. Some banks will give you a free cashier’s check for paying taxes. Tax payments can be deposited in the green drop box on the north side of the building. Please do not deposit cash in the drop box. For your convenience, we also accept partial payments.



Official Payments, (our service provider) charges a convenience fee of 3% that will be added to your payment amount for each transaction. There is a minimum charge of $3.95.

We do not accept charge cards in the office. Taxes can only be charged by telephone or via the Internet. This service is available December 1, 2020 thru February 16, 2021.

To pay by touch-tone phone:

Call 1-833-398-6729 and follow the instructions.

Dryden jurisdiction code is:  7082

To pay by Internet:

Log onto

Dryden jurisdiction code is:  7082

How to Contact Your Treasurer

If you have any questions or require additional information please contact:

Treasurer:  Susan Lowney
810-796-2248 ext. 125

BS&A for Property Information

To find tax or assessing information on your property click here: BS&A Software